Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thoughts about Dejection

Finally returning to my work with Meg Funk's book Thoughts Matter this weekend. The next section is on dejection. I am certainly not in that "space" right now, although I have been in the past. When I was, it seemed nothing external, (change of scenery, anesthetic use of alcohol and relationships) or internal (prayer, looking on the bright side) could help ease the pain, or, in severe times, numbness.

So, I gladly hear these words again from Meg Funk, and I put them away for later reference when needed. If you need them now, then know you are being prayed for tonight:

Cassian insists that we will all experience the thought of dejection that comes from resentment, disappointment, or loss, or even from an unknown disturbance of mind.... Detachment, not indifference, should be my preferred pattern of thinking. Sorrow will always be with me. But Christ has overcome all evil, sadness, and even death itself. It is important to realize that just as I am not my thoughts, neither am I my moods or feelings....

To stay in the middle, renunciation by controlling my thoughts is more than getting over depression or letting go of a lifestyle that is sinful. It is being aware moment by moment of the true nature of reality.


Bryan said...

Perfect timing for me Phil. Thanks for sharing.

Phil B. said...

You're wlecome. Prsyers requested, intercessions uplifted.