Thursday, April 26, 2007

Epilogue: Dialogue and Prayer

Ok. I'll quit blogging on this subject after this one, last post. Last night I was privileged to join in a committee meeting where the following reflection was shared regarding the Divine Mercy motto "Jesus I Trust in You." I thought of two other areas where insights from this reflection might also prove helpful: the war in Iraq, and the announcement of our new Archbishop.

"Jesus I trust in you."

What is trust and how do we trust? What does that trust mean in ... areas of conflict or differences of opinion?

I know there have been times in my life where I have been suffering from a lack of trust, most everyone has. Yet we are to go on trusting in God and in each other instead of hardening our hearts. Are we to trust blindly?

Even well-meaning groups, councils and leaders have occasionally led countries, communities and individuals down paths seemingly less than fruitful. In addition, in hindsight many may ask, why did not someone question what was happening?

Tradition asks us to look at our actions in light of the Holy Spirit. St. Paul also says to bear with one another with love. (Ephesians 4:2) To look at our actions in light of the Holy Spirit means to test it with love. Maybe we are not called to trust blindly, but reflecting on our actions to make sure all our actions come from a place of love.

Ask questions and expect answers, but do so with love. When others question our actions, listen with love and respond in return with love. Maybe it is in this way that we can say, "Jesus I trust in you" with confidence and full surrender."

Discussion questions:

1. In areas of conflict, have you asked questions with love?
2. In areas of differences, have you responded with love to others who question you?

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