Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Name-Calling: John 20:11-18

What she needed was to hear Him call her name.
She didn't really need to touch Him,
tho' she tried to, ached to.

What Magdalene needed
was to hear Him call her name,
to have Him listen for
her grateful responsive recognition:

My Teacher!
My Lord!
Risen One!

And, turning around to face her,
He said in reply,
as if already from heaven he spoke:

My Father!
My brothers!


Anonymous said...

And what a gorgeous graphic. I don't see many that I like, of this moment, but this one I love.


Phil B. said...

Thanks. I sometimes get inspired to write by the graphics.... but more often the writing causes me to go on a hunt for something which fits. This did, I think.