Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More on "O Wisdom, Come."

I realize that this is a few days out of kilter, but I saw it and thought it a needful addition to my Advent meditation.
Medieval English Mystic Julian of Norwich begins the Westminster Manuscript of her Showing of Love by imagining the Virgin Mary worshipping her Child. The initial O in the manuscript is illuminated in blue with red penwork ornamentation, the text written in brownish ink. Beautiful!

It echoes the lovely Advent Antiphon, Sapientiae, where the pregnant Virgin worships and addresses her not yet born child as Wisdom.

Here it is, in the original:

{Ure gracious & goode/ lorde god shewed me in/ party the wisdom & the trewthe/ of the soule of oure blessed lady/ saynt mary. where in I vnder/stood the reuerent beholdynge/ that she behelde her god th at is/ her maker. maruelynge with/ grete reuerence that he wolde be borne of her that was a/ simple creature of his makyng.

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