Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Abba, the God of the Little Beginning

Yesterday's Daily Mass readings remind me that God is Abba, Father.

"Daddy".... Jesus' preferred Aramaic term for God the Father shines through the child-guide to peace (Isaiah 11:1-10) and also Jesus' thanksgiving to God for the true disciples' child-like trust (Luke 10:21-24).

Abba is the God of Advent, God of the little beginning.

God who anoints a ruddy shepherd boy king of Israel and Judah.

God who causes the mustard seed to grow into a mighty Tree of Life.

God who enthrones a young, pregnant unmarried Jewish teenager as Queen of Heaven.

God who nominates a prayer-whispering Jewish Rabbi as the Judge of All who is to come.

I have a lot of little daily things in my life right now that are whispering Abba's name to me... while I do the Advent waiting game:

  • thanksgiving for useful work

  • concerns for those around me suffering illness

  • quiet spaces for Advent preparation

  • consolation in loneliness

Where else is Abba whispering today?

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