Saturday, August 11, 2007

Singular Flower

This has been a weekend full of nature. Last night at 3:00 a.m. a huge thunder/wind storm broke over our neighborhood and blew around and poured on us until about 5 or so. 2 and a 1/2 inches of much needed rain along with numerous branches to pick up.

Then tonight I was sweating out a Divine Mercy Chaplet and Evening Prayer (still very humid, despite the rain) in the Mary Garden when I noticed a little red and orange flower on the edge of my pot of impatiens right behind the satue of Mary.

The pot is stuffed to overflowing with little red and burgundy and white blossoms.... and then there's this one scraggly little orange/red flower (weed?) off the side of the pot.

Poor thing!

But then I noticed something else. About two weeks ago the exact same kind of flower made a solo appearance over under a big tree- the only flower in a grass lawn with wood chips surrounding the tree. My first inclination had been to pluck it up, because it really just didn't fit. But pity stayed my hand. And now I am glad that it did.

Those two flowers provided a valuable lesson for me tonight.

Some of our souls- and I believe mine is among them- are not meant to be in a crowd or part of "the group." We blossom off by ourselves and we aren't noticed very much. But as I thought this I also got the overwhelming impression that even this odd little bloom- even the soul most singular and different than the rest- is still valued by the Gardener.

I am thankful for that Gardener's love and pity.


Anonymous said...

If we know the slightest thing of the Lord, or want to, we will see His very Personal touch in creation, too; indeed, it is impossible to miss.

I wasn't sure what to ask Him for, for I'd wanted it to be something that doesn't involve dealing with horror, and I'd have never guessed 'til tonight that this is my request: Lord, I've met a few beauties, but show me all of Your garden of odd-blooms?

Veritas said...

First time here, thanks to Gabrielle. Thanks for the timely lesson and may the sun shine on you today...and when it gets too hot, may you cool down in the shade created by His hand.

Phil B. said...

Thanks to you both for commenting... and thanks to Gabrielle for sending you here.