Thursday, July 19, 2007

Give Peace a last

U.S. Bishops Discuss Iraq With Democrats
Call for End to Stalemate Over the War

WASHINGTON, D.C., JULY 19, 2007 (

The U.S. bishops will meet with a group of Catholic House Democrats to discuss a responsible transition to end the war in Iraq.In a letter sent Tuesday, the bishops reiterated their call for members of Congress and the Bush Administration to break the political stalemate in Washington and to pursue a bipartisan policy to bring the war to an end as soon as possible.

Bishop Thomas Wenski, chairman of the bishops' committee on International Policy, wrote the letter in response to a June 28 request for the meeting from Representative Tim Ryan and 13 other House democrats. "Our conference hopes to work with the Congress and the administration to forge bipartisan policies on ways to bring about a responsible transition and an end to the war," Bishop Wenski wrote.

"Too many Iraqi and American lives have been lost. Too many Iraqi communities have been shattered. Too many civilians have been driven from their homes. The human and financial costs of the war are staggering. "Representatives of our conference welcome the opportunity to meet with you and other policy makers to discuss ways to pursue the goal of a 'responsible transition' to bring an end to the war in Iraq."

He added: "The current situation in Iraq is unacceptable and unsustainable, as is the policy and political stalemate among decision makers in Washington."Our shared moral tradition can guide this effort and inform our dialogue with other leaders as we seek a way to bring about a morally responsible end to the war in Iraq."

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