Thursday, June 28, 2007

Both... And

Thanks to Spencer Howe's mother, I found this really great quote from Servant of God John Paul II. She has a daily e mail which she sends out from Thank you, Spence's mom, for your email ministry and for encouraging your son in his priestly vocation.

This quote is another example of the Church's
"both...and" which often brings together complementary elements in the life of faith.

The late Holy Father lived the truth that good liturgy produces good social relationships. We often need to be reminded of the connection between the two.

"Christ in the Eucharist urges the faithful
to foster warm and constructive relationships with everyone,
and to work untiringly
for the spread of peace throughout the world.

The love which the Eucharist nourishes in human hearts
impels Christians to work for peace in society.
Whoever lives by this love
is convinced that conflicts can be resolved
and that social justice can prevail."

Pope John Paul II

Here's a link to the helpful Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commission's work on Liturgy and Justice.

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