Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yours, Meinrad's and Ours

Yesterday was the the feast day for a saint whose star shines brightly in the Benedictine heavens, if nowhere else- St Meinrad, Hermit and Martyr. I would never have heard of him were it not for the Archabbey in Indiana which bears his name.

No boring hagiographical details here, .... just noting that Meinrad was martyred because he welcomed villians into his hermitage and they killed him.

Sometimes Benedictine hospitality (and the sharing with others that it entails) turns out to be darned inconvenient, a real bother, and, in some cases, a life threatening affair. Receiving everyone as if he or she were Christ is a messy proposition, if not a dangerous one.

However, such sharing in community and hospitality towards "the world which God is saving" ends up conforming us more closely to the image of Christ, crucified and risen.

Christ became human in order to welcome us into God's presence.

We know what He went through.

We are called to imitate Him.

Lesson learned.

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