Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Warm Hand Luke

Today we celebrate Saint Luke, Evangelist and also Patron of physicians and artists. He brought a warm hand to his work, both in the healing arts and through his portrayal of Christ in the third gospel. Luke's gospel is widely recognized as very human in tone, highlighting our Lord's relationships with women and children, and encorporating memories of His blessed Mother in its infancy narratives. Luke's gospel focusses on the nearness of God and the universality of God's presence. Lukan missionaries are to proclaim "the kingdom of God is at hand for you" (Luke 10:9). Luke's second volume, the book of Acts, details the expansion of the Church into the Gentile communities of which Luke was a part.

According to Orthodox tradition, St Luke was the first person to complete three pictures of the holy Mother of God carrying the Child of God in her arms. He showed them to the Holy Virgin for approval, while she was still alive. She received these holy pictures joyfully and said: “May the grace of Him to whom I gave birth be within them!” Later, St Luke made pictures of the Holy Apostles and bestowed upon the Church this pious and holy tradition of venerating the icons of Christ and His Saints.

St Luke came from the city of Antioch the Great. Of noble birth, he particularly excelled in the areas of medical science and pictorial art. Under the reign of Emperor Claudius (c. 42 AD.), while he was caring for the sick around Thebes in Beotia, he met the Apostle Paul, whose ardent words convinced him that the absolute truth for which he had been seeking for so many years could indeed be found among the disciples of Jesus Christ.

Near his life's end the Apostle Paul recalled fondly the faithfulness of Luke in the face of desertion by so many others (2 Timothy 4:10-17).

After he had been separated from his master, Luke returned to Greece to proclaim the Gospel there. He again set up his abode in the Thebes area where he died peacefully at the age of eighty. Wishing to glorify His faithful servant, God poured a miraculous liquid over his tom


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Nice work. Are "saint's days" going to be one of your genres? :)

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